Utrikesministerns anförande vid Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, regeringen.se 6 oktober

…First of all, we need to discuss how to build security in the 21st century. Security is by definition something we must build together. Security is something we share. That leads us to emphasise de-escalation and disarmament, mediation and dialogue, conflict prevention and peacebuilding…

We need to use all our tools.Our military and civilian instruments, whether within the competence of the Member States or the Commission, need to work together more effectively. We also need to be able to respond to crises more rapidly.The concept of EU Battle Groups needs to be further developed so that they can become the rapid and flexible response force that they were designed to be.
Using rapid, flexible and adequate civilian and military resources where and when they needed to support long-term stabilisation in the full conflict cycle should be the norm.
We will actively work for the EU to move in that direction.Sweden has a long track record and will continue to be actively engaged in crisis management, the prevention of radicalisation, respect for human rights, and women’s role in peace and development.

We believe that a comprehensive and long-term approach is crucial. Political instability, climate change, conflicts and violence affect us all in one way or another, directly or indirectly, and it is in our interest to tackle these challenges at their root, in a coherent and integrated manner. Läs talet