U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Pledges $32B Military Build-Up, news.usni.org

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday committed the British government to an expansion of defense spending that confirms London’s ambitions about improving the Royal Navy through the middle of the century.

The pledge of about £24.1 billion — or just under $32 billion — supports Johnson’s vision of what he calls a freer and more independent “global Britain” following the United Kingdom’s protracted divorce from the European Union via Brexit.

“Reviving our armed forces is one pillar of the government’s ambition to safeguard Britain’s interests and values by strengthening our global influence, and reinforcing our ability to join the United States and our other allies to defend free and open societies,” Johnson told ministers in the House of Commons.

The defense review that prompted the expansion of spending is still technically underway, but Downing Street said the government already was satisfied about the need to affirm that programs are on track, including, within the realm of shipbuilding:

  • eight Type 26 frigates;
  • five Type 31 frigates;
  • new supply ships for the Royal Navy’s two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers;
  • and a “next generation of warships,” Johnson said, including “multi-role research vessels” and a Type 32 class of frigate. Läs artikel