Trump Provoked A Crisis With Iran, And Now May Try To Solve It,

Ryan Costello, policy director of the National Iranian American Council.

[…] The embodiment of a blood-thirsty war hawk, Bolton was reportedly “devastated” by Trump’s failure to follow him into war with Iran. To add to Bolton’s sense of betrayal, reports indicate that the President has recently been considering de-escalatory proposals from French President Emmanuel Macron in the hopes that it would set the stage for a meeting with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. With Trump seeking a deal and Bolton still committed to war (a new one with Iran and a never-ending one in Afghanistan), Bolton had outlived his usefulness and provoked an argument that resulted in his dismissal-by-tweet. […]

Trump would not lack international interlocutors eager to encourage his negotiating instincts. The French proposal of a $15 billion credit line to partially offset Iran’s loss of oil exports may be sufficient for Iran to suspend its nuclear expansion and open the door for new negotiations. And, there will likely be many more nations—such as India and Japan—interested in exploring negotiations that could restore halted trade with Iran. […]

Yet, even if negotiations with Iran face long odds, they are preferable to the mad playbook for war or Iraq-style regime change that he has been following to date. Those serious about resolving our many national security challenges with Iran through diplomacy should recognize that there may not be a better opportunity for years. Rather than play political games and discourage a Trump pivot, they should encourage a shift from brinkmanship to deal-making. Läs artikel