Trilateral Memorandum,

1. Today the representatives of Turkiye, Finland and Sweden, under the auspices of the NATO Secretary General, have agreed the following.
2. NATO is an Alliance based on the principles of collective defence and the indivisibility of security, as well as on common values. Turkiye, Finland and Sweden affirm their adherence to the principles and values enshrined in the Washington Treaty.
3. One of the key elements of the Alliance is unwavering solidarity and cooperation in the fight against terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, which constitutes a direct threat to the national security of Allies as well as to international peace and security.
4. As prospective NATO Allies, Finland and Sweden extend their full support to Turkiye against threats to its national security. To that effect, Finland and Sweden will not provide support to YPG/PYD, and the organisation described as FETO in Turkiye. Turkiye also extends its full support to Finland and Sweden against threats to their national security. Finland and Sweden reject and condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, in the strongest terms. Finland and Sweden unambiguously condemn all
terrorist organisations perpetrating attacks against Turkiye, and express their deepest solidarity with Turkiye and the families of the victims.
5. Finland and Sweden confirm that the PKK is a proscribed terrorist organisation. Finland and Sweden commit to prevent activities of the PKK and all other terrorist organisations and their extensions, as well as activities by individuals in affiliated and inspired groups or networks linked to these terrorist organisations. Turkiye, Finland and Sweden have agreed to step up cooperation to prevent the activities of these terrorist groups. Finland and Sweden reject the goals of these terrorist organisations.
6. Further to this, Finland refers to several recent amendments of its Criminal Code by which new acts have been enacted as punishable terrorist crimes. The latest amendments entered into force on 1 January 2022, by which the scope of participation in the activity of a terrorist group has been widened.
At the same time, public incitement related to terrorist offenses was criminalised as a separate offense. Sweden confirms that a new, tougher, Terrorist Offenses Act enters into force on 1 July, and that the government is preparing further tightening of counter-terrorism legislation.

7. Turkiye, Finland and Sweden confirm that now there are no national arms
embargoes in place between them. Sweden is changing its national
regulatory framework for arms exports in relation to NATO Allies. In future,
defence exports from Finland and Sweden will be conducted in line with
Alliance solidarity and in accordance with the letter and spirit of article 3 of
the Washington Treaty.
8. Today, Turkiye, Finland and Sweden commit to the following concrete steps:
• Establish a joint, structured dialogue and cooperation mechanism at
all levels of government, including between law enforcement and
intelligence agencies, to enhance cooperation on counter-terrorism,
organised crime, and other common challenges as they so decide.
• Finland and Sweden will conduct the fight against terrorism with
determination, resolve, and in accordance with the provisions of the
relevant NATO documents and policies, and will take all required
steps to tighten further domestic legislation to this end.
• Finland and Sweden will address Turkiye’s pending deportation or
extradition requests of terror suspects expeditiously and thoroughly,
taking into account information, evidence and intelligence provided by
Turkiye, and establish necessary bilateral legal frameworks to
facilitate extradition and security cooperation with Turkiye, in
accordance with the European Convention on Extradition.
• Finland and Sweden will investigate and interdict any financing and
recruitment activities of the PKK and all other terrorist organisations
and their extensions, as well affiliates or inspired groups or networks
as outlined in paragraph 5.
• Turkiye, Finland and Sweden commit to fight disinformation, and
prevent their domestic laws from being abused for the benefit or
promotion of terrorist organisations, including through activities that
incite violence against Turkiye.
• Finland and Sweden will ensure that their respective national
regulatory frameworks for arms exports enable new commitments to
Allies and reflects their status as NATO members.
• Finland and Sweden commit to support the fullest possible
involvement of Turkiye and other non-EU Allies in the existing and
prospective initiatives of the European Union’s Common Security and
Defence Policy, including Turkiye’s participation in the PESCO Project
on Military Mobility.
9. For the implementation of these steps, Turkiye, Finland and Sweden will
establish a Permanent Joint Mechanism, with the participation of experts
from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs , Interior, and Justice, as well as
Intelligence Services and Security Institutions. The Permanent Joint
Mechanism will be open for others to join.
1 O.Turkiye confirms its long-standing support for NATO’s Open Door policy,
and agrees to support at Jhe 2022 Madrid Summit the invitation of Finland
and Sweden to become r&mbers of NATO.
~-’~· His Excellency
Mr Mevlut
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkiye
His Excellency
Mr Pekka Haavisto
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland

Her Excellency
Ms Ann Linde
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden
Madrid, 28 June 2022