‘The Key Problem of Our Time’: A Conversation with Henry Kissinger on Sino-U.S. Relations, wilsoncenter.org

[…] But we are now in a position that goes far beyond what I wrote about in the article that Stape has been kind enough to mention. Because we’re in a position in which the peace and prosperity of the world depend on whether China and the United States can find a method to work together, not always in agreement, but to handle our disagreements. But also, to develop goals which bring us closer together and enable the world to find a structure.

This is the key problem of our time. Each of us is strong enough to create situations around the world in which it can impose its preferences, but the importance of the relationship will be whether each side can believe that they have achieved enough to be compatible with their convictions and with their histories. That is a huge task. It’s never been attempted systematically by any two nations in the world. Läs artikel