Statement of intent on enhanced operational cooperation,

The Nordic Defence Cooperation vision for 2025 was adopted at the Nordic Defence Ministerial in Oslo on the 13th of November 2018. The vision states,
“We will improve our defence capability and cooperation in peace, crisis and conflict. We ensure a close Nordic political and military dialogue on security and defence. Acknowledging our different security affiliations, we pursue an agenda based on joint security perspectives, efficient and cost-effective cooperation to strengthen our national defences and the ability to act together.”
In light of the security situation, cooperation and unity among likeminded nations is paramount. For this reason we are determined to take combined measures aiming at enhancing and improving our ability to conduct military operations. This work will build upon experiences gained from exercises such as Cold Response, Cross Border Training and Trident Juncture.

This trilateral Statement of Intent outlines the common ambition of the Participants to be able and ready to conduct operations in crisis and conflict if so decided, noting that Norway plans to transfer command to NATO in crisis and war. In order to improve our interoperability and readiness to give military support between us we will undertake the necessary preparations, aiming at enhancing our defence capability and serve as a deterrent from aggression.
A possible outcome is operations planning for areas of common concern, for example the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden (North Calotte and expand to other areas as required) and improved interoperability between our armed forces that enable common military action if decided.
Any military action will be subject to separate national political decision making processes. This trilateral Statement of Intent does not entail any mutual defence obligations.
Denmark and Iceland are to be informed on a regular basis as the cooperation proceeds. Läs uttalandet