Security Council Rejects Two Draft Resolutions on Situation in Syria,

The Security Council failed to adopt two draft resolutions on the situation in Syria today — one tabled by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait; the other by China and the Russian Federation — amid heated debate on their content and concern over the fate of civilians in Idlib Governorate.

The draft proposed by co-sponsors Belgium, Germany and Kuwait — which would have called on all parties to immediately cease hostilities to avoid a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Idlib Governorate, beginning at noon Damascus time on 21 September — received 12 affirmative votes, 2 negative votes (China, Russian Federation) and 1 abstention (Equatorial Guinea). […]

Presenting the second draft, the Russian Federation’s delegate said it took an exclusively humanitarian approach to the issue, avoiding politicized language while also aiming to continue the 31 August ceasefire.  He clarified that air strikes by Syria and the Russian Federation are only being carried out against terrorists and avoid placing civilians at risk.  He reminded the Council that armed combat against terrorists in Syria is almost over and that humanitarian issues must not be used for alternative aims. Läs referatet