Russia Threathens to Withdraw From the Arctic Council,

Norway currently holds the chairship of the Arctic Council, but the council’s officials have not met at a political or diplomatic level since Russia invaded Ukraine. Now, the ministry says Russia will withdraw if the operations do not correspond to Moscow’s interests.

The cooled relations between Russia and the West have affected the Council greatly since the 7 Western Arctic states paused all official work within the Council until Norway took over leadership of the Council last May. […]

”The Russian MoD cannot rule out a withdrawal from the Arctic Council if the council’s work and activities do not correspond to Russia’s interests,” says Nikolay Korchunov, Russia’s Arctic Ambassador.

According to researcher Svein Vigeland Rottem at the Fridjof Nansen Institute, the Arctic Council will not survive without Russia. However, when High North News spoke to the Arctic Council expert last week, he did not believe Russia wanted to leave the council. But if that were to happen, he had no doubts.

”The Arctic Council, as we know it, will die if Russia withdraws. But I do not think Russia will withdraw from the Arctic Council, even though they sometimes send mixed signals. It is not in their interest.” Läs artikel