Rejects Notion that China is a Threat to the Arctic,

US State Department representatives recently issued a strong warning against Chinese and Russian attempts at challenging western allied interests in the High North. […]

State Secretary Audun Halvorsen of the Norwegian MFA, however, in an interview with High North News rejects the notion that China represents a threat to the High North.

“We observe tendencies to increasing big power rivalry globally. The Arctic, however, is not at the center of events in this picture. Chinese activity in the region is still limited. The High North is still characterized by low tension and predictability”, Halvorsen says.[…]

As the Arctic is becoming increasingly available for sea traffic, big powers take a higher interest in the region.

On 8 May, navy vessels from the American and British marines left the Barents Sea following a week-long drill in the Arctic. It was the first time since the mid-1980s that American warships sailed the Barents Sea. The purpose of the drill was “maritime security operations”.

The Russian Northern Fleet earlier confirmed that it is paying attention to the NATO vessels’ movements. Norway did not participate in the exercise. Läs artikel