Journalists must always fight spin,

Robert Fisk

Den världsberömde journalisten Robert Fisk vid tidningen The Independent avled den 30 oktober 74 år gammal. Tidningen har återpublicerat artiklar av Robert Fisk. Här är en artikel som tar upp journalisters roll i krigspropagandan:

Who could possibly be surprised by reports that Mark Laity, the BBC ’s defence correspondent, has been offered the job of second-in-command to Nato ’s spokesman James Shea? “I did not feel that Jamie Shea lied to me at all,” Laity announced. This is said after a war in which Nato told fibs about its attacks on refugee convoys, bombing the centre of Pristina, hitting a hospital in Surdulica, the number of Serb tanks  destroyed and – awesomely – refused to answer a UN commission’s questions about the use of depleted uranium munitions in the Kosovo bombardment. But what is it about defence correspondents that they so often come across as mouthpieces for the crudest military propaganda ?

It is certainly nothing new. Back in the First World War, correspondents dutifully reported on the German crucifixion of babies on church doors and the cheerful Tommy taking the slaughter on the Somme in his stride. Läs artikel