I blew the whistle on my government after 9/11 but fear it did not matter, responsiblestatecraft.org

Thomas Drake, former senior executive at the National Security Agency

The first American charged under the Espionage Act after the attacks asks whether empire has permanently replaced the republic.

Twenty years later, the specter of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath continues to shape and influence U.S. and world history. Even after two decades, I am still triggered by the “what ifs” of history, with the certain knowledge that 9/11 was preventable and that the United States government utterly failed to provide for the common defense and keep its people out of harm’s way.

On reflection, we must ask whether the world is a better place for the enormous response to the terror attacks that day. The latest front-page news of America’s evacuation and departure from Afghanistan after almost 20 years is a case study that fully demonstrates the utter hypocrisy and hubris of American exceptionalism.  Läs artikel