Försvarssamarbetet mellan Sverige och Finland, MoU, defmin.fi

Respecting the long-standing security and defence policy cooperation that exists between Finland and Sweden and wishing to continue and further develop the relation in the field of defence;
Recognizing that the Participants share common geostrategic interests and views on the security challenges and that a strengthened bilateral defence cooperation is of mutual benefit;
Wishing to contribute to the security in Europe and the steadfast enhancement of stability in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as to international peace and security;
Noting that the ability to act jointly also raises the threshold against incidents and armed attacks;
Aiming to increase operational effect and to optimise the use, sustainability and development of the Participants’ defence capabilities; […]


1.The defence cooperation between the Participants aims at strengthening the defence capabilities of the Participants, creating prerequisites for combined joint military action and operations in all situations, and to further common interests in the defence domain, including strengthening the security of the Baltic Sea region.
2. The Participants will achieve increased operational effect through combined use of resources, increased interoperability, increased capability to act jointly both domestically and internationally and a closer dialogue on common security interests and challenges.
3. The defence cooperation covers peace, crisis and war. No predetermined limits will be set on deepening the bilateral defence cooperation. This MoU does not contain mutual defence obligations. Execution of bilateral military action and operations is subject to separate national decisions.
4. The defence cooperation includes all levels of the Participants defence, the policy and military levels including the strategic, operational and tactical level. Läs MoU