EU foreign ministers seek to keep Iran nuclear deal alive,

he European Union is seeking to shield the bloc’s strategic and economic interests in Iran in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from the international nuclear deal, as the EU foreign policy chief insisted Monday that the unity of the member states was unquestioned.

Federica Mogherini said after a meeting of EU foreign ministers that the member states were intensely coordinating their efforts ”to protect the economic investments of European businesses that have legitimately invested and engaged in Iran” over the past three years since the nuclear deal was agreed.[…]

Mogherini insisted the EU was not motivated by business profits in trying to keep the deal alive.

”For us, this is not about an economic interest. It is about a security interest,” she said. Mogherini also downplayed reports of friction between Poland and the rest of the EU over how to deal with U.S. President Donald Trump and his hard-line stance toward Tehran. Läs artikel