ELN Group Statement: A European response to US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, europeanleadershipnetwork.org

81 European political, diplomatic and military leadership figures are appealing to both Russia and the USnot to take unilateral action that would jeopardise the future of the INF without further efforts, such a move would likely trigger an arms race and damage the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

The full statement is reproduced below.

President Trump’s declared intention to withdraw the United States from the 1987 US-Russia Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) calls into question not only the fate of this pivotal accord but also the future of nuclear arms control, with potentially grave consequences for European security.

The INF treaty may indeed have been violated. And it may be anachronistic. But it is symbolic of great power cooperation on nuclear risks and it has been a stabilising force in Europe’s security over the past three decades.  Europe is the sandpit in which US-Russia confrontation over INF will be played out.  Europe is entitled to a say in what happens next. Läs uttalandet

Anm : Undertecknare från Sverige är: Hans Blix, Ingvar Carlsson, Rolf Ekéus, Gunnar Hökmark, Henrik Salander.