Effects of NATO’s Steadfast Defender 2021 exercise questioned, eng.chinamil.com.cn

Gao Shengyi

The NATO-led exercise Steadfast Defender 2021 recently concluded. While NATO stressed the exercise was intended to reinforce the bloc’s collective defense capability, public opinions held them as much cry but little wool.

Led by Allied Command Operations, the Steadfast Defender 2021 involved 22 participating countries, including 20 NATO members and Finland and Sweden. Three commands – the Joint Force Command Norfolk, Allied Joint Force Command Naples, and Ulm Joint Support and Enabling Command– participated in the commanding. […]

The exercise tested NATO forces’ maneuverability to some extent, but the real-combat effects remain doubted. On the one hand, the involvement of about 9,000 troops is limited given NATO’s defense demand; on the other hand, the desktop dry run of the allied forces’ massive maneuvering across the European continent is unable to fully verify their actual commanding and control capability or their state of war-readiness.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, NATO has carried out exercises and training more frequently with a clear intention of deterring Moscow and rooting for Kyiv. The Steadfast Defender 2021 was intended for the same purpose but had generated the opposite results, as Russia announced to adjust and upgrade its military presence on the European border in response to threats from NATO. In general, the exercise couldn’t cover up the bloc’s current conflicts and dilemma and were of limited substantial effects. Läs artikel