”Cost plus 50” and bringing US troops home, warontherocks.com

The Trump administration wants to make it more expensive for American allies to host U.S. military personnel in their country. It reportedly intends to ask allies to drastically increase the amount they pay for hosting U.S. forces, sparking new fears that the United States will eventually withdraw from these countries entirely. Under the so-called “cost plus 50” proposal, allies would pay for the full cost of hosting U.S. units, plus a 50 percent premium. Germany and Japan will walk the plank first. […]

The “cost plus 50” plan calls into question long-term U.S. military presence in Germany, Japan, South Korea, and elsewhere. What would it cost American allies to meet the new threshold? The Pentagon pegged the cost for overseas presence in 2019 at about $21 billion, including military pay, operations spending, and military construction. Of that total, $15 billion stems from American bases in Germany, Japan, and South Korea, who together cover about $4 billion of the costs.

Under “cost plus 50,” those payments would skyrocket — how far depends on whether the calculations include the salaries of these troops. Normally, previous cost-sharing negotiations excluded the cost of U.S. military salaries, since the United States would presumably retain the services of those personnel, no matter where they’re stationed. Läs artikel