Baltic Defence College supported Sweden’s Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2017,

Baltic Defence College students and staff joined over 1,200 participants from 24 countries in Sweden’s Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2017 (CJSE 17) from 18 to 28 April. The exercise prepares students to join multinational military staffs while simultaneously strengthening the tie between NATO and Sweden through the Partnership for Peace program.

Students and staff filled joint staff and trainer positions in the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters and Land Component in Enköping, the Maritime Component in Karlskrona and the Air Component in Uppsala. Students were presented with a challenging scenario where they acted as the staff of NATO force charged to restore safety and security to a fictitious, civil war-torn country in a dynamic international environment. Trainers provided challenges ranging from refugee situations and irregular armed actors to aggressive neighbouring states all within a single scenario. Baltic Defence College students filled many of the lead roles in the exercise in areas including Operations Planning, Political Advisement and Civil-Military Cooperation, demonstrating the wide range of comprehensive skills the students had developed in Tartu over the previous eight months. Läs artikel