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[…] Then why has his administration made no attempt to reassess the massive modernization of the U.S. nuclear strike force — projected price tag $1.2 trillion — now underway?  Given the actually existing and emerging security challenges facing the United States, do we really need new land-based missiles, long-range bombers, missile-firing submarines, and a new family of “more flexible” warheads?  The answer is no.  […]

What he has done wrong: Other than holding a global zoom call, he does not appear seriously committed to this declaration. His team is doubling down on containing China’s economic, technological, and diplomatic rise through a militarized approach that will ensure that the United States continues to burn a lot more oil and money for war preparations than is advisable. Their approach will exacerbate the threat rather than ameliorate it. […]

On Afghanistan, a withdrawal did not seem to be in the cards. But two months into his presidency, something changed. He ordered the full withdrawal from Afghanistan while sowing the seeds of a broader military disengagement from the Middle East. Iran diplomacy has kicked into full gear and a return to the JCPOA seems within reach. Läs artikel