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”Most NATO countries have different perceptions of threats. Countries in the east of the bloc fear Russia, in the south they fear migration from Africa, Greece has a frozen conflict with Turkey, and Britain is in conflict with Ireland over fishing rights in the region. None of these countries have a vital interest in the confrontation with China for which they would be ready to fight. A specific exception is Lithuania, which recently sharply curtailed its relations with Beijing and is ready to open an embassy in Taiwan.

How will Article 5 of the Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation work in the fight for Taiwan’s semiconductors? The paradox of such a question pushes some NATO countries to perceive the prioritisation of China as an issue “below Article 5”. That is, these countries believe that the article is not applicable in the East Asian theatre. However, in this case, there is an even greater erosion of the meaning of NATO and its operational effectiveness. NATO might as well extend its concern to other parts of the Western Hemisphere, such as Peru, Colombia or Argentina. The main problem is that this concern should be more compelling than the inglorious military campaign in Afghanistan. ”

NATO in the Pacific: How Will Article 5 Work?, 12 november