Utrikesminister Timo Soinis tal på ambassadörsdagarna 22 augusti , formin.finland.fi

…Sweden is always Finland’s closest and most natural partner. We both genuinely want to strengthen this connection. It was easy to note this last Wednesday in Stockholm. It is only natural that defence cooperation with Sweden also proceeds in a determined manner. Together we are stronger and we support each other.

Of course we also have a special relationship with Estonia. The Baltic countries returned to their own place among independent states 25 years ago. Independent Estonia is a success story, for which our sister nation deserves our deep respect.

Finland and Sweden have also successfully deepened their cooperation with NATO. It is in everyone’s interest that Finland and Sweden are at the table when issues concerning the Baltic Sea are discussed. As to Finland’s application for membership of NATO, the situation remains as before – we are not applying for membership now, but the possibility exists. In this deliberation, how the European security situation develops is the most essential factor. Let’s be as clear as possible here: Although we are not applying for NATO membership now, keeping that door open serves Finland’s security. Läs hela talet