US, NATO and EU – a joint war coalition, Willy Wimmer,

Nedanstående artikel i tyska magasinet  Zeit –fragen är skriven av en person som under en lång period intog en central position i förbundsrepublikens försvarspolitik, Willy Wimmer. Under 33 tillhörde han förbundsdagen som representant för konservativa CDU. Mellan 1985 och 1992 var han försvarspolitisk talesman för syskonpartierna CDU och CSU, 1988–1992 dessutom statssekreterare i försvarsdepartementet. 1994–2000 innehade han posten som vice ordförande i OSSE (Organisationen för säkerhet och samarbete i Europa). Här varnar han för en utveckling som leder till ett militärt aggressivt EU.

In the Cold War, there was no problem explaining the NATO in the West. Soviet Military Power, edited by the Pentagon and equipped with impressive images and insights, provided important justification. At least that was the case for the alliance partners in Western Europe. But in retrospect, when we look at the behaviour of Northern European NATO partners, both now and in those times, we have to realise that something may not have been right. At the time, there was no statement on the part of the Alliance, to which the Danes and the Norwegians did not contribute their very own ideas. The Warsaw Pact threat identified by the Alliance was generally perceived differently and as less grave in Copenhagen and/or Oslo. Nevertheless, the tank armies were indeed facing each other. Since the time of the Dane Rasmussen and the Norwegian Stoltenberg there is a complete change of heart to be found in Central Europe, as they have mutated into the supreme warmongers on behalf of NATO. How is this to be explained, especially against the backdrop of the past? Läs artikel