US–Europe: lack of accord between ”friends”,

Sergey Alexandrov, international observer

On September 15, it was announced that Washington, London and Canberra agreed to create a new military alliance, the AUKUS pact (an abbreviation for the member countries’ names). As part of it, Australia will get at least eight nuclear submarines for its navy, to be built at the shipyards in Adelaide using Anglo-American technologies, ABC News reports referring to that country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison. […]

Indeed, US President Joe Biden’s move to create a new military alliance, already dubbed ”Trump-style”, came as a complete surprise to official Brussels. In Europe, they discuss an about-face by Washington, which is steering clear of the Old World. This is a sign that Europe needs to turn itself in, chief EU diplomat Josep Borrel said.

The most remarkable thing about the entire AUKUS pact and the terminated Australian-French contract is that the announcement came just a few hours before the European Indo-Pacific strategy was released. This document, by the way, deems Australia as one of EU key partners in the IPR, while China is a country Brussels seeks to cooperate with, instead of deterring or opposing. […]

It should be noted here that, along with Canada and New Zealand, the three AUKUS members are part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. This may imply that Anglo-Saxon leaders start forming the cores for new associations headed by them and aimed to counter the PRC. A quite obvious thing is that the Anglo-Saxons are distrustful of their NATO partners from the European Union. Läs artikel