Uphold international law; don’t intervene in Venezuelan affairs, timescall.com

Carolyn Bninksi

[…] On Feb. 18, about 60 countries in the UN declared their support for Venezuela. These countries’ combined populations represent more than half the people of the planet. They declared their determination to protect the UN Charter and international law in front of the UN Security Council. They committed to hold sacrosanct the sovereignty and inviolability of each member state. Virtually all of these states have been victimized by the capitalist states extracting their wealth.

So what do we need to do to support Venezuela? Call for upholding international law and nonintervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela. End U.S. sanctions and economic warfare, which are causing great hardship for the Venezuelan people. Support diplomacy. Oppose military intervention and proxy wars, which are looking more likely. Läs artikel