UN Security Council rejects Iran arms embargo extension, dw.com

The UN Security Council on Friday rejected the United States’ calls for an indefinite extension to the arms embargo on Iran.

Shortly after the result of the council’s vote was announced, China’s UN Ambassador Zhang Jun said the outcome ”once again shows that unilateralism receives no support, and bullying will fail.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the rebuff, saying in a statement, ”The Security Council’s failure to act decisively in defense of international peace and security is inexcusable.” In a tweet, Pompeo accused the UN of enabling Iran’s arms deals.[…]

The US-sponsored resolution was opposed by China and Russia. Eleven members abstained, including Germany, France and Britain, while the US and the Dominican Republic were the only members to back the proposal. To get approval, the resolution needed nine ”yes” votes. The embargo on Iran is set to end in October this year, under a provision of UN Resolution 2231, in which the Security Council backed the nuclear deal between Tehran and a group of world powers. The five permanent members of the Security Council — the US, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China — all endorsed the agreement in Vienna in 2015. Germany and the European Union also signed the landmark deal. Läs artikel