UN council takes up issues of Venezuela, global.chinadaily.com.cn

At Security Council meeting, China’s envoy supports South American nation’s sovereignty. […]

Ma Zhaoxu, China’s permanent representative to the UN, reiterated China’s position at the meeting at UN headquarters in New York: ”China supports the efforts of the Venezuelan government to safeguard its sovereignty, independence and stability.”

He said that China maintains that all countries should abide by the basic principles of international law and relations.[…]

On Monday, a meeting was held by the Lima Group in Bogota, Colombia. The Lima Group, comprising 13 Latin American countries and Canada, was established in 2017 to focus on Venezuela’s situation.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido attended the meeting, at which measures were discussed to compel President Nicolas Maduro to leave office.

At the meeting, it was reiterated that Venezuela’s domestic politics should be led by Venezuelans peacefully and in the framework of the constitution and international law, backed by political and diplomatic means, without the use of force. Läs artikel