The sin of U.S. interventionism,

Li Wei, editor

An addict to force and invasion, the United States, a self-proclaimed ”shining city on the hill,” has long sought to justify its wanton military operations in the name of ”humanitarian intervention.”

The world’s sole superpower has long been the mastermind of a number of humanitarian disasters and in fact the creater of wars, turmoil and pains across the world. From directly waging wars to supporting proxy wars, from inciting domestic rebellion elsewhere to providing weapons and ammunition, and training anti-government armed forces, the United States has an appalling record of intervening in many countries by force.

Statistics suggest that from the end of World War II to 2001, there were at least 248 armed conflicts in the world, of which 201 were initiated by the United States, according to a recently published article titled ”Severe Humanitarian Disasters Caused by U.S. Aggressive Wars against Foreign Countries” by China Society for Human Rights Studies. Läs artikel