The dirty war of the Sahel: our soldiers in Africa in the service of Paris,

Domenico Quirico

We have heard this story more than once: it is the famous doctrine called “fight against terrorism”, the mother of errors, crimes and rare, dangerous victories. The most recent, in which we Italians are about to slip in, is called with the code name “takuba”, or the French war to keep the Sahel in the transalpine. A place out of the way, horrible and grandiose like certain infernal landscapes designed by Gustavo Doré. […]

Better to say it right away. The war being fought in those places, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and of which we will automatically become accomplices in front of the populations that suffer it, is a French war of colonial pacification, a mosaic of fierce local conflicts: hatred between peasants and nomads , tribal aversions, zoological struggles for water, poor against less poor, full and fast, naked and dressed. The jihadists wallow in us, they have become a part of it, they sew these rivalries on themselves, they throw on us the hasty cloak of God. To commit atrocities, to liquidate opponents or uncomfortable ethnic groups, obviously behind the ruthless necessities of the war on jihadism, are also the corrupt governments, feuded by France, which we are going to shore up.[…]

Feel the squalor of a country at war, an infection so serious that it seems to corrupt the earth and deprive it of color and sounds. This is not a battlefield, if anything, a place where murders, excess revenge, dirty trafficking are committed. France is here because it feels mistress, the last place in the world where you still don’t feel like a small town of pensioners, decoction companies and yellow vests. Africa is ours, allons enfants! Läs artikel

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