The Air Force’s largest exercises of the year are rising across Finland,

More than 60 aircraft and thousands of military personnel will take part in the Air Force’s Ruska 20 operation exercises in much of Finland from Monday.

According to tradition, the Swedish Air Force also participates in the largest exercises of the Finnish Air Force of the year. The exercises, which end on October 6, are intended to improve Air Force capabilities, provide training for active day personnel, conscripts and reservists. […]

”Ruska 20 demonstrates the high readiness of the Air Force to protect the integrity of Finnish airspace and to secure vital functions for our society on the basis of ’24 -7 ‘in all situations. Active day personnel, conscripts and conscripts handle their emergencies in accordance with the Air Force’s mobile combat concept” Colonel Juha-Pekka Keränen, the director of exercises, said in a statement. Läs artikel