Tal av försvarsminister Peter Hultqvist vid seminariet Regional and Global Impact: The Changing Situation in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea Area

This year we commemorate the end of the Second World War, 70 years ago. Time to reflect over the trauma and devastation this war caused in Europe. Time to reflect on the time consuming and hard work carried out to recover. Time to reflect over the efforts made to prevent war from threatening our lives and our way of living again – the European Union still being one of the best examples of this.

The lessons provided 70 years ago must be repeated, again and again. Especially at times like this when in and around Europe security is challenged, putting our core values and solidarity at test. European unity is key when responding to these challenges. We are facing serious challenges in our southern neighbourhood. The conflicts and crises in North Africa and the Middle East have serious implications for Europe as a whole. The brutality of ISIL has chocked the world. The reintegration of foreign fighters poses a huge challenge to Sweden and other European states. The risks of terrorist attacks in European states being one obvious example from which France has suffered tremendously. The events of the Second World War caused millions of people in Europe to leave their homes. Today, 70 years later, approximately 60 million refugees from other parts of the world leave their homes because of war and persecution. Läs talet