Sweden Adds More Stealth To NATO ASW Capability, navalnews.com

The Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) has deployed a Gotland-class diesel-electric submarine (SSK) on NATO Allied Maritime Command’s (MARCOM’s) major annual North Atlantic-based anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise, ‘Dynamic Mongoose’. The exercise is running for two weeks from 29 April, in Norwegian Sea waters between Norway and Iceland. […]

Onboard Gotland,the boat’s commanding officer (CO) Lieutenant Commander Viktor Moberg underlined to Naval News the benefits that Sweden’s submarine capability brings to NATO. “The biggest takeaway is our experience in the Baltics …. It’s our home waters. No-one operates there as much as we do.” Such experience relates to technology, capability, and operational outputs, the CO explained: the boat is built to operate in the region, and the crew knows the waters and how to use them, as well as understanding the region’s routine patterns of life at sea.

“The primary factor for a submarine is to stay undetected. That’s where the knowledge comes in of how to use the waters,” said Lt Cdr Moberg. Such knowledge is supplemented by a boat designed to operate in the region, he added, with this combination giving the navy – and, now, NATO – an operational edge there. Läs artikel