Statement by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson,

Over the past day, I have been in close dialogue with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Fredriksen, and the Swedish government has discussed with the Danish government, against the background of the burnings of holy scriptures that are occurring. We are currently in the most serious security situation since the Second World War, and as for Sweden, we are aware that states and state-like actors are actively exploiting the situation. […]

And while different countries may not follow the exact same path forward, we share the same analysis: the situation is dangerous and measures are needed to strengthen our resilience. In Sweden, we have already started analyzing the legal situation – including the Public Order Act – with the purpose of exploring the scope for measures that would strengthen our national security and the security of Swedes in Sweden and abroad.

Ultimately, this is about defending our free and open societies, our democracy and our citizens’ right to freedom and security. Läs uttalandet