Speech by Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist at Saab Global Eye roll-out, agenparl.eu

I want to begin by congratulating Saab for reaching a new level of multi-mission airborne surveillance capability […]

As for Swedish defence industry, I fundamentally believe that a strong, resilient and internationally competitive Swedish defence industry is essential and closely connected to our national security.
The defence industry in Sweden has a history dating back to the 16th century. The Swedish position of neutrality in war during the World War and Cold War required a strong Armed Force, which in turn required a strong national defence industry.

Today, neutrality is not part of our defence policy. We are military non-aligned, but this does not mean that we stand alone. Our defence industry has moved from predominantly government-owned companies to more of private companies, many of which are present on the international market. Our history has made it possible for Sweden to develop a strong defence industry with a spectrum of high quality systems, like fighter aircrafts, submarines, frigates, military vehicles, radars and sensors, weapon systems and ammunition. For being a small nation, I am proud to be the Minister for Defence with these domestic capabilities.

The Swedish government has also announced the fighter aircraft, submarine technology, radars and sensors as areas of Swedish national security interests. Saab is the largest defence industry in Sweden and has been very successful internationally for decades. Läs talet