Sahel: the device of the Barkhane anti-terrorism force is debated,

Those who expected Jean Castex to announce a French military withdrawal from the Sahel will be at their expense. No indication has come during the Prime Minister’s visit to Chad over the past two days. Jean Castex insisted on  the will intact  of France to fight Islamist terrorism. He also paid tribute to the memory of the three soldiers who died Monday in Mali and for whom the national tribute will take place on Monday.[…]

Same feeling among politicians.  After seven years, despite our great tactical successes, the situation is not developing favorably on the spot. We see a heavy balance sheet, too heavy, and a significant financial cost for the Nation , recently judged the deputy Thomas Gassilloud (presidential majority) by suggesting to  stay otherwise, […] in a less heavy format ”.

Maybe we’ll have to wait until the force Takuba be fully operational before seeing the force format Barkhane evolve downwards? The horizon is uncertain, the arrival of certain European contingents still being delayed … Läs artikel