Russia kicks out Sweden’s development agency,

“Any activity of the Swedish International Development Agency and the Swedish Institute within the territory of the Russian Federation is undesirable and should be stopped immediately,” the Foreign Ministry in Moscow told Charge d’Affaires with Stockholm’s Embassy, Johannes Danielsson as he was summoned on June 28.

The diplomat was also warned that if any Swedish diplomatic and consular institutions make further efforts to promote projects of these departments, their employees will be declared persona non grata and expelled from Russia.

“A better world together” is the slogan of Sweden’s government agency for development cooperation (SIDA). The agency has a dedicated budget for projects in Russia of 186 million kroner (€17,4 million) for the period 2022-2024, money which now can’t be spent. 138 million kroner are already used on cooperation projects during 2020-2021, SIDA informs. Läs artikel