President al-Assad in an interview with Russian RT-UK TV Channel,

[…] Actually, Russia, according to officials I mean President Putin, Lavrov and the others, they are defending the Russian interests in different ways. One aspect if they fight terrorism in another country, whether it is Syria or any other country in the region, that would defend the Russian people because terrorism and its ideology have no borders, they don’t see political borders. It’s one, let’s say, one arena, the whole world is one arena for terrorism. Secondly, they implement and they adopt the international law. According to their point of view, this international law, if it’s implemented, it’s in correlation with their interest, with their national interests. So, implementing the international law around the world will help the interest of the Russian people. So, what they’ve been doing is in accordance with their national interests, with the global stability and with the Syrian interest and the Syrian stability. Läs  intervjun