Orbán: NATO Will Only Protect Hungary “if We Are Ready to Protect Ourselves”, hungarytoday.hu

Hungary must look at the war in Ukraine in light of its own interests, as its topmost priority is the peace and security of its own citizens, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Providing for the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine is Hungary’s task, and “there’s no need to wait for anyone… waiting for Brussels would create serious problems at the border,” he said. […]

Regarding Hungary’s stance on defence and military action, Orbán said NATO would protect Hungary “if we are ready to protect ourselves”. “If a country wants peace it needs to have some power, which could come from two sources: from strength of its own and that of its allies”, he said. Without strength of its own, its allies would be reluctant to sacrifice effort and money to defend any state, he said. […]

Orbán said the country was strong enough to ensure its security even without allies. “Disaster could only hit if we lost our mind and get involved in the war”, he said. “No NATO could protect us against our own stupidity.”

Hungary’s Left “has sided with war”, Orbán insisted, and called on Hungarians to firmly reject that reasoning. “Sending troops means that we take part in a war, sending weapons means that whoever those weapons are used against will become our enemy for God knows how many years,” he said. Allowing transports of weapons across Hungary and “offering convoys crossing Transcarpathia as military targets where the war has not yet spread means that we are luring the war to that area”, the prime minister suggested. Läs artikel