New dawns and tightropes: The IAEA and Argentina,

Mocharl Soltys, tidigare ledarskribent i Buenos Aires Times

What better time to write about the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) than with brinkmanship over the nuclear agreement with Iran on the front-burner at this week’s United Nations General Assembly, while the IAEA is due to start electing its new chief as from next Thursday with an Argentine, diplomat Rafael Mariano Grossi, as a top candidate for the post? […]

But if Grossi is enshrined, he could face more potential tightropes than local presidential frontrunner Alberto Fernández. Above all, where Iran is concerned with growing international tension since Trump pulled out of the 2015 international agreement with Iran last year. Somehow, if chosen for the post, Grossi has to defend geopolitical peace against Trump while knowing full well that Washington’s claims as to Tehran crossing the line are far from unfounded (from personal experience as Amano’s choice to spearhead the 2011 Iran investigation, while his own IAEA inspectors recently ascertained that Tehran has surpassed the limits on its enriched-uranium stockpile). Läs artikel