NATO aircraft practice air policing drills over Estonia,

Later this week German, Polish and Swedish fighter aircraft will practice Quick Reaction Alert procedures over Estonia.

On the 16th and 17th of April, the aircraft will be tasked with “showcasing NATO and Partner coordination and air interoperability”, say the Alliance in a statement.

According to NATO:

“In a simulated loss of communication set-up a Lithuanian Air Force C-27 will fly be intercepted by fighter aircraft in Estonian airspace. An Estonian Police and Border Guard Search and Rescue helicopter will conduct a simulated crew ejection and rescue mission.

Fighter jets will train dissimilar air-to-air combat training missions and may conduct practice diversions to alternate air fields in the Baltic region.All training activities will take place in reserved segregated training areas under overall control of Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem; a NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force E-3A plane is scheduled to provide control during some Ramstein Alloy 19-1 events.” Läs artikel