Liberation of Mali from French Imperialism: The Réwolo Movement calls for a Mobilization on June 25,

Thanks to a meeting at the labor exchange, the Yéréwolo Movement calls on all Malian youth to a general mobilization on June 25 on the boulevard of independence, the departure of France.

The Yéréwolo Movement Debout sur les Remparts denounces the neo-colonialist policy of France in Mali, its policy of double standards of France and the occupation of the territory by foreign forces which only bog down the security of the populations.

According to Ben Diarra and Siriki Kouyaté, the reasons for this mobilization against the imperialist policy of France are: the interference of France in the management of the security crisis, the defense agreement signed in 2016 between Mali and France which mortgaging the sovereignty of Mali, the plundering of natural resources and economies, the invasion of our territory by occupying forces.

The leaders of the Movement therefore appeal to Malians for the sacred union to finally rid the country of these evils, and strengthen the Malian army so that the citizen can live in peace.

Through slogans we could read “Down with neo-colonialist France”, “No to genocide in Mali” reads the patriotic commitment on the faces of the youth. Läs artikel