NATO to exit Libya,

The US and NATO appear to be in retreat.
At least in the Muslim world. For hot on the heels of the Afghanistan drawdown, western militaries have committed to exiting Libya in a matter of days. And while this is ultimately cause for fatigued celebration — Alliance troops should not have been there in the first place.

This was the outcome of the recent Berlin conference on Libya, which saw Germany, in the role of mediator, and the UN bring together 17 nations to talk Libyan peace. These included the US and Russia as well as representatives of the Libyan transitional government. The game plan sees elections going ahead in December.

Naturally, everyone and their cat has been here before. The US and NATO raining down bombs-and-bullets on sovereign states; all gung-ho and trigger happy while peddling the myth of humanitarian intervention and civilian protection. And once entire societies are devastated and infrastructure destroyed — the US and its allies cut-and-run. Without giving a second thought to nation building. Läs artikel