Indian Army reaches Russia to participate in Exercise ZAPAD 2021,

On August 20th, the deputy head of the Russian Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation announced that military contingents from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia and Sri Lanka have been invited to participate in the ZAPAD-2021 exercises, which will be held in Russia. In addition, the armed forces of China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan and Uzbekistan will be represented by military observers. The exercises will address the issues arising from managing coalition troops during the restoration of state territorial integrity. The concept of the exercise does not imply any particular opponent.

In total, about 200k servicemen will participate in the exercises across Belarus and Russia, of which approximately 12,800 will be on Belarusian territory. […]

The NAGA Battalion group participating in the exercise will feature an all Arms combined task force.  The exercise aims to enhance military and strategic ties amongst the participating nations while they plan & execute this exercise . The Indian Contingent has been put through a strenuous training schedule which encompasses all facets of conventional operations including mechanised, airborne & heliborne, counter terrorism, combat conditioning and firing. Läs artikel