Joint Statement on the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership,

[…] Our relationship serves as a cornerstone for security, democracy, and human rights in Ukraine and the broader region. We are committed to Ukraine’s implementation of the deep and comprehensive reforms necessary to fulfill its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  We are also united in our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of continued Russian aggression. […]

Supporting Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Aspirations:  As the United States and Allies reaffirmed in the June 2021 NATO Summit Communique, the United States supports Ukraine’s right to decide its own future foreign policy course free from outside interference, including with respect to Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO.  We also remain committed to assisting Ukraine with ongoing reforms.

Providing Ukraine with Security Assistance: The United States is announcing a new $60 million security assistance package, including additional Javelin anti-armor systems and other defensive lethal and non-lethal capabilities, to enable Ukraine to more effectively defend itself against Russian aggression. The United States has committed $2.5 billion in support of Ukraine’s forces since 2014, including more than $400 million this year alone. Läs kommunikén