Implementation of the Government’s Defence Report was started,

The Government has started to implement the Defence Report that was approved by the Parliament in June. The Ministry of Defence has provided guidelines for the Defence Forces to implement the Report. Its key premise is that Finland’s defence capability must be able to respond to the demands of the changed security environment and therefore Finland strengthens national defence capability and deepens international defence cooperation…

The Defence Forces’ operating expenditure will be increased by EUR 50 million in 2018-2021 to improve readiness, especially in the Army, to respond better to the changed security situation. The Defence Forces will develop conscription and the training of conscripts and, at the same time, takes into account readiness requirements and cost-efficiency.Wartime strength: The Defence Forces will integrate the wartime mobilization organisation into local troops. Conscripts will also be used to carry out tasks in times of crisis, according to their level of training. In a crisis situation, the Defence Forces’ war-time strength will also include Border Guard troops that may be attached to the Defence Forces. The wartime strength of the Defence Forces will be approximately 280 000 troops.

Voluntary national defence: The Ministry of Defence will lead the work when the status of voluntary national defence in relation to military national defence is looked into, including tasks in local defence and executive assistance. Läs dokumentet