German-Russian Energy Bridge,

Berlin calls on the EU to modify its policy toward Russia with the objective of cooperating in the use of hydrogen power.

In the run-up to next week’s EU summit, Berlin is calling on the EU to modify its policy toward Russia. This was indicated in a report on an internal meeting in Brussels and a ”non-paper” from Germany circulating within the EU. […]

Saathoff not only pointed out that, alongside its natural gas deposits, Russia also has excellent conditions for the use of wind energy. ”The technical capacity for onshore wind energy is at least a thousand times greater than the wind energy currently installed in Germany.” Berlin’s government coordinator also recalled that – unlike the case of Morocco – ”the delivery infrastructure already exists” for supplying Germany with hydrogen. ”The pipelines bringing us oil and gas, today, can be converted to bring hydrogen.” Therefore, the German-Russian plans for cooperation in the field of hydrogen correspond to the German government’s insistence on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Recently, the German Foreign Ministry’s State Secretary, Miguel Berger, insisted in his virtual address to the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations’ annual kick-off event that ”we have no interest in this [Nord Stream 2] project becoming a failed investment.” He said that while we are willing to negotiate certain concessions with the Biden administration, it is clear that ”the finalization of this pipeline must be the conclusion of this dialog.” Previously, Foreign Minister Maas had made the same commitment. Läs artikel