France: Turkey’s Policies in Libya are Aggressive, Unacceptable and an Abuse of NATO,

The French Presidency intensified its tone against Turkish military intervention in Libya in a statement released today, denouncing its aggressive actions in Libya and exploitation of NATO, adding that France would  not allow this.

The French Presidency’s statement described Turkey’s policy in Libya as “aggressive” and cannot be allowed, noting that Turkey is deploying seven warships off Libya’s coast and openly violating the arms embargo, abusing its NATO membership.

The French Presidency revealed at the end of its statement that President Emmanuel Macron spoke with his US counterpart President Donald Trump on the unacceptable behaviour of Turkey in Libya and their exploitation of NATO in a way that France cannot allow. He said “talks will take place, especially in the coming weeks, with NATO partners involved in the field.”

Agence France-Presse (AFP) indicated that President Macron regretted NATO’s silence which allowed Turkey to attack the Kurdish groups allied to the West in the war against terrorism in Syria. In November, Macron stated that NATO was “brain dead.” Läs artikel