European member states at UNSC call for stopping Turkish regime aggression against Syrian territories,

The UN Security Council held on Thursday a closed-door session to discuss the Turkish aggression against the Syrian territories.

The meeting, which was called at the request of five European countries, including the U.K., Belgium, France, Germany and Poland, failed to agree on a statement on the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories.

Following the session, the ambassadors of the European member-states at the UNSC called on the Turkish regime to stop its aggression against the Syrian territories.

AFP News Agency  said that the European countries called on the Turkish regime to “cease the unilateral military action against Syria,” expressing deep concern over the aggression which hinder combating Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization which constitutes a big threat to the regional, international and European security.

The European countries expressed rejection of  the Turkish regime’s plans to establish the so-called ‘safe zone’ in northeast of Syria or any attempts of demographic  change in it. Läs uttalandet