EDA provides expert input for action plan on military mobility, eda.europa.eu

Military movement and transport received an important boost today through the Joint Communication of the European Commission and the High Representative on Improving Military Mobility in the European Union. The Joint Communication identifies areas in which the EU will work to facilitate and help expedite military mobility. The European Defence Agency (EDA) set up a dedicated Ad Hoc Working Group in September to support the elaboration of a follow-on Action Plan on Military Mobility by spring 2018…

In 2014 fourteen Member States decided to launch a dedicated project within the European Defence Agency dedicated to an EU Multimodal Transport Hub. Those Member States have identified the need to better coordinate military movement. A Multimodal Hub Transport (M2TH) network is being developed in order to facilitate the fast movement of troops, through harmonised regulations, procedures and process as well as pooling and sharing of assets and infrastructure in Europe.  Core to this project is the central coordination of movement, identifying a physical network of locations and identifying services to be provided. Execution uses simplified and harmonised procedures within the boundaries of EU legislation and national laws. Other Member States have shown interest in joining this project. Läs artikel

Anm: Sverige och Finland deltar som två av de fjorton länder som är med i projektet.