Divided UN fails to agree on Turkey’s Syria offensive, dw.com

Western nations slammed Turkey’s Syria incursion at the UN, but the Security Council failed to agree on a statement. Russia says it wants the ”illegal military presence” of other nations to be addressed in any document.

A split UN Security Council on Thursday failed to agree on Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria, with European members urging a halt to military action. But Syria’s ally Russia urged ”restraint” and ”direct dialogue” between the two countries. Russian officials said Moscow was not prepared to sign off on the statement presented by the Europeans. […]

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said any Security Council statement would have to take into account other aspects of the Syrian crisis. He said it should demand an immediate termination of ”the illegal military presence” in the country.

The five European countries later urged Turkey to ”cease the unilateral military action.” Meanwhile, the US warned Turkey of ”consequences” as Ankara’s troops push on their assault on Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria on Thursday. Läs artikel