By reversing its policy in Syria the US is fuelling more wars in the Middle East, Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

Vi har tidigare på den här sajten kommenterat kriget i norra Syrien och hur Sverige genom deltagandet i den USA-ledda koalitionen mot Isil indirekt är en del av kriget.

Här  lägger vi ut en artikel av Patrick Cockburn som i The Independent analyserar upptrappningen av kriget:

The present Turkish incursion shows that Ankara is not going to allow a new Kurdish state under US protection to be created in northern Syria and will fight rather than let this happen.

Seldom has an important new US foreign policy crashed in flames so quickly and so spectacularly, achieving the very opposite results to those intended.

It was only ten days ago that the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unexpectedly announced that American military forces would remain in Syria after the defeat of Isis. Their agenda was nothing if not ambitious: it included the stabilisation of the country, getting rid of Bashar al-Assad, rolling back Iranian influence, preventing the resurgence of Isis and bringing an end to the seven-year Syrian war. Tillerson did not seem to care that this new departure was sure to offend a lot of powerful players in and around Syria and was quite contrary to past US pledges that it was only fighting in Syria to defeat Isis and had no other aims. Läs artikel