Biden And Sanctions: Relief At Last?

George Liebmann, president of the Library Company of the Baltimore Bar,

The Biden State Department has announced that it is undertaking a long-overdue review of American sanctions policy. This is to be welcomed, but there are obvious perils ahead: from neoconservatives with Manichaean attitudes predisposing them to continue fighting the Cold War or finding a new enemy of the month; from liberal imperialists of the Samantha Power and Anne-Marie Slaughter persuasion anxious to engage in virtue-signaling in opposition to authoritarian regimes; and from the State and Treasury Departments’ sanctions bureaucrats who are quick with assurances that the foreign government they are sanctioning is on its last legs and will succumb to the triumphant forces of democracy if we ‘stay the course’ and give it one more heave. These area “experts” also enjoy the support of ever hopeful and ever more out-of-touch exile communities, notably those from Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Läs artikel

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